About Web2Docx

Web2Docx is an API developed by Veneficus for creating Word 2010 (OOXML) documents from HTML. It is easy to use, and more importantly, aims and succeeds at creating Word documents just as Word 2010 would.

With the resume app you can see our API in action and preview its capabilities.

Want to know more? Contact us or sign up for our beta.

Our story until now

We, at Veneficus, build Web2Docx mainly because we want to generate good looking, Word compliant reports for our clients. These reports contain a wide array of markup, charts and our company branding. One of our primary concerns was the compatibility with Word. Our insights are of no value when they can't be seen. Therefore, we have made significant effort to match our output with Word 2010 as close as possible. We are succeeding at doing this.

We are happy to share this functionality with you. Soon we will release an API for public use so you can generate Word documents for your app. I hope you're excited as we are and sign up for our beta.